Women Used To Rule, Now They Are Made Slaves

womens day poster

By Zbigniew Zarnoch 2018-03-07

Dear Women,

Here is what Facebook wishes you on Women’s Day (see photo): Slavery and disdain!

But I wish you INEQUALITY, so you don’t have to work on a fishing boat or down the manhole, and so you don’t get forcibly drafted and sent to chase cavemen in Afghanistan and then return without a limb.

I wish you respect and REAL empowerment: A rich and handsome husband, so you don’t have to work, so you can spend time looking good instead. And so you can rule the shopping centres instead, stay home and raise your kids so then the kids can appreciate it later and stay out of prison.

But if you want what Facebook and communists wish you, then it’s OK by me too, even better.



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By Zbigniew Zarnoch 2017-11-27

The politics of GLOBAL DEPOPULATION arose from the concept of GLOBAL OVERPOPULATION which originated in the Club of Rome (the most influential science organization of the 1960’s-80’s) and which was laid out in the Club’s famous book “The Limits to Growth”.
Those politics of GLOBAL DEPOPULATION are very much implemented to this very day with increasing force.

The concept of GLOBAL OVERPOPULATION is a purely socialist concept, invented by socialists from a socialist point of view of state-dependency, economic and financial parasitism, disdain for humans, and lack of faith in man’s intellectual ability to develop, innovate and sustain himself.

Those socialist idiots judge other people’s abilities after their own.., while their own is a mental disorder, that’s what leftism is.
They know that there is nothing which socialism would eventually not run out of, and that is why they are scared of the growing number of people to share global natural resources with.
They despise and suppress individualism, which is the reason why they never even consider in any of their “scientific” analysis its intellectual and innovative potentials.
But that is only the view of the mentally retarded LEFT.

* Free and self-reliant society would never run out of anything. But then socialists could not run it…


The Weapon of Mass Distraction from Mass Destruction.

The mainstream Men’s Rights Movement is overrun by useful idiots just as the feminist movement is. But while feminism doesn’t take a break from progressing forward, the mainstream MRM spins around its own tale, stirring the same old matter over and over, and addressing only issues which wouldn’t make a difference anyway. It is stuck twenty years back in time, overrun by social justice warriors, infiltrated and derailed.

Just as feminists don’t represent the interest of women and labour unions don’t represent the real interest of workers, the Men’s Rights Movement doesn’t represent the interest of men neither.
While there are a few legitimate MRAs out there (you can count them on your fingers), the Movement as a whole has always been useless, and therefore futile.

The Life of a Drone

The life of a drone bee is a lonely one. He has no father and no protectors. His only role is to impregnate the queen bee, then he dies. But only some drones mate with the queen, the rest of them are expelled from their hive by female relatives for being too big to feed. They then fly away in search of water and don’t have energy to return. Those drones which do manage to return are then killed by their sisters.
Drones don’t have any defence system and are powerless against their armed with stingers female relatives.

I have lived in two hives: The one I grew up in and then one which I built myself. In both, I was a DRONE.

Making Room For Newcomers in the Canadian Extermination Camp (The Other Side of the Story of the Great Replacement)

By Zbigniew Zarnoch 2017-11-15

Have you ever wondered why Canada’s population is still only 35 million despite the fact that for many decades its annual immigration has been nearly 1% of its total population?  It is because of the all-out war on people, systematic extermination. For many of those immigrants and their children, Canada is the end of the road. Not because they settle and grow roots there but because they perish. Others eventually return to where they came from.
In my book I call this place The Roach Motel.


In addition to free shelter, food and clothing, drug and alcohol addicts in Canada are provided a monthly financial assistance – free money to feed their addictions.


NOTE: While drug and alcohol addicts are rewarded with monthly financial assistance, a single or divorced and unaddicted father/male WILL NOT receive any assistance in Canada until he gets addicted !!!
Have you ever wondered why most addicts are male? Of course, the reasons are gender-biased social system and the family courts, in addition to high cost of living, etc. But for many male victims of that “social justice”, getting addicted to drugs and booze is the only way to obtain any financial assistance and any care from this society! It is the only way for them to survive, or at least often the easiest way.
It is no wonder then, that drug and alcohol addictions have flourished in this “country”.


But all the free money to feed and accommodate people’s addictions and forcing men into addictions were not enough to destroy them fast enough. Already a number of years ago, the city of Vancouver was the first in Canada to introduce free “safe drug consumption” facility. Predictably, it has been nothing but a further disaster, drug addiction has increased and communities have been destroyed.

In fact, the Vancouver “experiment” has been such a disaster that the province of Alberta is now building the same free drug injection and inhalation facilities in all of its three largest cities: Edmonton, Calgary and Lethbridge!
Edmonton alone will have not one but four of such sites!
Injected into people’s veins and given to swallow and to inhale will be all the kinds of narcotics they will only ask for: Cocaine, amphetamine, heroine, ecstasy…, you name it, and of course marijuana.
All of it will be served by registered nurses in a controlled environment and will cost millions of dollars annually.

Reminder:  In addition to all the free drugs, drug addicts and alcoholics also receive welfare, but if you are a straight and addiction-free male, you WILL NOT receive any of that assistance whatsoever until you get addicted!


… the quality of health care has been deteriorating, nursing services have been cut and more cuts are coming, people are dying in cues for medical procedures as waiting lists are long and getting longer…

And as everything around you turns into stressful shit, getting high at taxpayer’s cost becomes only even that much more appealing…


– Legalised and free of charge abortions on demand (while others die in cues for simple medical procedures)
ABORTION PILLS ($400 each, but courtesy of the taxpayer) are provided to all women to facilitate easy killing of their and their husbands’ babies…
– Legalised murder of children (now up to the age of 14!) by their mothers
– Legal euthanasia – killing own elders
War on families: No-fault divorces, destruction of families in family courts, war on fathers
War on men and boys in general
– Promoting homosexuality
– Releasing mass murderers and monster killers into the society
– No death penalty for 1st degree murderers (who then, having nothing to lose, have the rest of life to kill inmates and body guards, and sometimes even commit murder just to get to prison in the first place)
– you name it….

Referenced news media articles and the screenshots of their headlines:



killing own elders

More on this subject in this upcoming book:

Beware, You Are In The Cross-Hair

Beware, the British monarchy is also out to kill you! Just the same bunch of power-hungry despots for whom “there are too many people in the world”!

prince william

The Story of One DRONE

A Male who flew high, over the Iron Curtain, nations’ capitals, ocean and seas… Fearless, gallant, unstoppable. He arrived to Great Workers’ Empire… They took his sperm, and then cut his wings. He plunged and hit the ground… For he was a DRONE. A true story which is sure to make you think. One of a kind, there is no other book of this type in the market. Excellent reviews right from the beginning.

Launch of DRONES Against the Forces of Evil

And so it’s began! A new D-Day – massive launch of DRONES against forces of evil. Coming to you now in REAL LIFE! Now…

you are either with us or with the terrorists!

No more silence, no more shaming, no more oppression.

Fathers Never Missed in the Canadian Madhouse

crime report

My children’s father has been missing too! For 10 yrs
But no Crime Report has ever reported it.

On The Path to Communism Worse Than the CCCP

By Zbigniew Zarnoch

Child Protective Services, family courts, whole social services system, feminism, “social justice” along with all the “human rights” and “equality” bullshit…, – all of that is set up for one purpose only: To separate you from your wealth, your family, and from everything else that you may have in life.
So you retire on a government bowl of soup and not even knowing your grandchildren. So, you don’t retire like this:

Families are becoming relicts of the past.