What If Shrek Was a White Knight?

His name was Shrek, her name was Fiona. He was candid and sincere, she was a cheat.He was sincere, she was a conceived ogre who conspired to marry a prince. But disappointingly for her, it was Shrek, not prince Charming, who saved her from dragon’s keep… With no white knights around to cheat, Fiona has no choice but to settle for falling in love with just another ogre like her.
And so they both lived happily forever after.

But what if, instead of ogre, Fiona was saved from dragon’s keep and married by a white knight…? Then this would be not the end but just the beginning of a story scarier than all the dragons and ogres in it! Too scary for a children’s tale. Yet, it was children who lived it through! Because the story is Real and it is TRUE!

Justin Trudeau: Canada is World’s First Post-national State.

Trudeau on gay parade

Justin Trudeau: Canada is World’s First Post-national State. Meaning that if you land in that no-man “country”, you will never have a country or a place to call home again.
And he is right. If you think that living in a community of passers-by will ever make you feel at home or that such community will ever give a dime about you or anything else, you better think again. They come and go and you are always new to them. In such community everybody is a newcomer and a suspect forever.
In this society without identity even the government itself cares more about foreigners than about its own citizens.

THE GREAT REPLACEMENT in Canada: Justin Trudeau Praying with Muslims in a Mosque.

Justin Trudeau in mosque

There is another side to this story.

THE GREAT REPLACEMENT in Canada: Justin Trudeau praying with Muslims in a mosque.

Trudeau in mosque

There is another side to this story.

Premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, waiting at the mosque door like a slave. That’s how your daughters will wait for their turns in harems.

Wynne at mosque

Oscar Wilde: Bigamy is Having One Wife Too Many, Monogamy is the Same.

Oscar Wilde quote

The Extermination Camp in Which Extermination is Escape, the Camp I Fled.., Leaving My Kids Behind.

suicide bridge
suicide bridge

By Zbigniew Zarnoch 2017-06-01

This is the place where I lived for twenty-two years. Eventually I managed to slip away from it alive, but unfortunately my kids were left behind and still live there… Scary stuff.
I mean, what kind of society needs to build such big, inward-bent wire fences to prevent its people from killing themselves?

I refer to it as a modern extermination camp because that’s what it really is. It is the most heinous extermination ground where people are not killed but instead are being made to kill themselves! With a slow and agonising death. Jumping off the bridge is only the final act of it, a damn liberation!
Plenty of people have jumped off this 50m-tall High Level Bridge in Edmonton, Alberta, too many to ever even know.
My best friend jumped off it in Nov 2010 and wasn’t found until half a year later all the way in another province…

Of course, admitting their atrocities is the last thing this society and its regime would do, so they blame the bridge for the murders! As if without it, people wouldn’t have reasons or ways to kill themselves…
Make no mistake though: The only thing those fences do, is show how “happy” and “satisfied” the citizens of this “BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD” are. That’s all.
They will not stop a single escape from extermination. Because in this modern progressive extermination camp, escape is extermination.

Volksgericht 6/6: The Final Solution of the Male Question.

Photo: Everything the Nazis did in Germany was legal.

By Zbigniew Zarnoch 2017-05-18

This May 2017 is tenth anniversary of the “Domestic Violence Injunction” (DVI) scheme committed against my family by the Canadian Collective. The current six articles are devoted to that legal crime which still remains without justice served to the criminals. The DVI was equivalent to a lynch and its review was the only time that I ever appeared in front of the family judge! The “honourable” never saw me again. Therefore by NO means it is a story of bitter court battles.
For other articles on this story please refer to DRONE Story in the menu above.


After seventeen years of living in Canada I was still learning that country, now with new lessons every day, seven days per week. Before the events of the last two weeks I already was aware of the great gender bias not just in family courts but generally in the society as well. I thought that if I was to get any more new lessons at all, they would apply only to the magnitude of that bias rather than to the extend of it. But it came in the form of both. I would have never thought that the gender bias would extend even to emergency services! But it did. The bias in the court of law was of a magnitude which I didn’t expect before either. It was absolutely everywhere, and it was big.
How does such nation manage to survive? Well, it doesn’t. The nation has been dying. It is being replaced with a multi-culti society at the rate of up to 300,000 most fertile immigrants per year.
That Sunday’s lesson with the Bitch of Alberta I couldn’t understand at first simply because it was only one part of the whole course which had started on Thursday with Fiona’s serving me divorce papers. My 911 calls, the EPO and the “Youth and Family Court” were three more lessons of the same course. I never knew when the course started and when it ended, or how many lessons it was to contain because neither I subscribed for the course nor even knew what it was about. It actually took me whole few years to finally learn the proper name of that course: Domestic Violence Injunction. General public may know it under the name of Emergency Protection Order when it is served on the father together with divorce papers. I guess, it can be also called Court Restraining Order, but who knows the difference? Trying to figure out the different types of court orders, different types of joint and shared custodies, types of sole custodies…, still causes me headaches. And the almighty judges keep inventing more of them to confuse the public completely.
The DVI is a well-known in the family law industry, decades-old, female fast track to a successful divorce with full custody of the children and all the goodies which come with it. Contested divorce takes many months, often years, and it is expensive. DVI on the other hand is instant, most effective, and it is free. To qualify for this fast path to “success”, one only needs to be both, mother and stupid. Wise people know that behind every “free” there is a price to pay and “instantly” is only good to die.
Too bad that I had never heard about this heinous practices before. I had no parents to introduce me to the subject at proper time, while nobody else cared. Now I was learning it the hard way.
Assuring that we learn the truth about the Equals’ system of “equality” the hard way is exactly one of the reasons behind them making us parent-less to begin with.
When mentally sick person stabs another next to him, the next day Equals want to punish everybody else with banning knives. But when it comes to abuses by women and atrocious “legal” practices like the DVI, nothing gets changed or even challenged for decades.

All the Equals involved in the events of my DVI knew perfectly well what went on. The lawyers, the judges, the Clerc of Court, the Sabbath witches, all the rest of the female workers of the court of “justice”, Fiona, the Bitch of Alberta, the 911 police officers, the EPO delivery Apes…, all of them were professional players knowing the rules of the game very well and playing it against me as a team. A crowd of progressive spectators quietly cheered from sidelines… While I didn’t even know that a game was on!

Are all these people criminals? No, they are the law! Everything they do is legal, just like everything that Hitler’s followers did in his Germany was legal.
The criminal here is me, my crime is my penis.

911 police ignored me even before the EPO was served on me because they knew that it was coming! They knew the moment I phoned them. This DVI scheme had gone on for decades and I was obviously not the first father calling in similar case. More families certainly continue to fall victims of it even as I write these words.
Those were my first and the only 911 calls in Canada, likely also the last ones. I would rather not want to find out what would happen when I call that or any other Canadian number to report being murdered by a female Equal.
If you think that I might be exaggerating here, think again. In the land of Equals wives already get away with murdering their husbands and legalization of such murders is already discussed.
Today fathers are the subject of the biggest propaganda campaign that any Master Class has ever launched against its own citizens. But this massive war on fathers is in fact massive war on families because families are the most enduring check on the Master Class’s tyranny. The easiest and most certain way to destroy the family is to remove the father because he is the most likely household member to defend it against tyranny. That is why the Master Class covertly engages in a search-and-destroy operation against the main obstacle to the expansion of its power – the fathers. It first looks for vulnerable families with useful idiots in it – the silly mothers, then the rest is easy.

German troops
Photo: German socialists confiscate children from their parents, Poland.

What goes on in those People’s Courts and in the whole rest of the progressive system of Equals is a planned and systematic, cold-blooded extermination of fathers and their families.
Why doesn’t the new Master Class just line up all fathers against the wall, the way their Nazi and Soviet predecessors did? Well, two main reasons:
1. It would look like the Nazis. In the era of fast communication, smart phones, Internet and social media, being filmed acting like Nazis is the last thing modern Equals would want. In order to succeed and to continue their atrocities, they do need to maintain their false image abroad.
2. Shooting people against the wall would also excessively simplify the process of extermination, which would result in putting a lot of lawyers, judges, clerks, and other lieutenants of progress too soon out of business. Therefore instead of crashing you with tanks the old-fashioned way, they choose to break your spine slowly bit by bit…, and then make you finish yourself off with your own hands.

These new progressives are more heinous than their predecessors, worse than Hitler, Stalin, or Pol Pot.

death pit
Photo: German socialists marching fathers to a death pit.

First I was told that in the country where it is impossible to function without a car, a driver’s licence was a privilege, not a right. Then I learned that a passport and traveling abroad was only a privilege as well in this country of “freedom of movement”.
And now I just learned that even having a life and raising your own children were merely privileges as well, not rights!
In a progressive society one’s children are “our” children, he owns neither “his” property nor “his” own future. All “his” possessions and even “his” family belong to the collective and to the State, can be taken away from him at any point in time, for any reason or no reason at all. Fatherhood rights or property rights no longer existed. This was not the country that I was emigrating to in 1989!


Now I discovered more fully what my mother meant when she warned me in the summer of 1999:

You will see that Fiona will ruin you and the rest of us.
You don’t know what a woman can do in the West.

Distrust of Fiona and of the Canadian “social justice” were the reasons why my mother subsequently disinherited me and my children after Fiona went at odds with her and me, rejected her business, retreated to stay in Edmonton without any job or income, then conspired to kick me out of my house and in October 1999 hired her first secretive lawyer to assist her in doing so. I was obviously shocked by the disinheritance, but I knew that it came to my mother with great pain as well. Now I learned how right she was.
Had my mother passed her assets to my children before she died, all that would be gone now along with the children to Fiona. Had she passed the inheritance to me, all that would be now transferred in “the best interest of the children” through Fiona and her knights of social justice into the Equals’ spending-based Keynesian economy. That was what had already happened to the proceeds from the sale of my Polish apartment which I transferred to Canada. Now I was glad that my mother didn’t equip me with more assets to be robbed of.
Only my Edmonton apartment was still sitting like a duck in the open, exposed to the mercy of progress… I had to do something with it promptly before it too got confiscated by the collective.

mother and daughter

to be continued…

Volksgericht 5/6: The People’s Courts for the Queens by the Queens.

Alberta Volksgericht
By Zbigniew Zarnoch 2017-05-17

This May 2017 is tenth anniversary of the “Domestic Violence Injunction” (DVI) scheme committed against my family by the Canadian Collective. The current six articles are devoted to that legal crime which still remains without justice served to the criminals. The DVI was equivalent to a lynch and its review was the only time that I ever appeared in front of the family judge! The “honourable” never saw me again. Therefore by NO means it is a story of bitter court battles.
For other articles on this story please refer to DRONE Story in the menu above.


All this was unbelievable, unheard of, shocking.
I had only twelve days to find a lawyer who wouldn’t be busy on such short notice. In the meantime, my children had been taken away and tortured somewhere under the protection of law and the most efficient police!
What was I supposed to do? If I contacted my kids, the Apes would throw me in a cage. If I went out and put up a fight, they would shoot me. A lot of unarmed men were shot and killed by police already in those years, also in the city of Edmonton. The Apes no longer made warning shots or shots to disable. Instead, they now had a shoot-to-kill policy like the Nazis and the old communists used to have.
There was only one hope that I saw left for me: Going the Fiona way. If she could obtain a court order so easily against me based on nothing, why couldn’t I obtain one against her based on her real abuse of the children? Maybe the emergency court acted the same way in all cases, not just in those filed by women. After all, it was supposed to be a court of law, and the law was supposed to be the same for everybody.


Therefore a few days later I was back in the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta building. The section to seek emergency protection orders appeared to be named “Youth and Family Court”. The whole system was disguised to appear as not for women but “in the best interest of the children”, since the lovely name of the court.
It was my first ever visit to that court. As you continue reading, please note that I did not know a single person in it and nobody could possibly know me there either.

Naturally though, there were no youth there. Instead, just as previously in the archive department, the whole court was filled only with WOMEN! Every single person employed in that Youth Court was a FEMALE! Everywhere I looked, everyone I spoke to. Not even a single male. Now I realized what it meant: I was not a stray in the middle of a Sabbath of witches anymore but a Jew on a visit to the Gestapo!
I was doomed right at the door, before I even opened my mouth to say anything.

“I’d like to see a judge to obtain an Emergency Protection Order for my children,” I said at the counter.

Without saying anything, one of the fraus passed me a short, one-page application form to fill in. At a small table near the door, a female petitioner in her thirties had just finished doing her form, so I took her place and completed mine. It included my name, address, and the names of persons that I sought EPO for and on, as well as the reasons.
To keep it brief and uncomplicated, I did not intend to mention my wife’s prior visit there about a week or so earlier.

When I returned the completed form, another frau put the Bible on the counter in front of me and said:
“Put your right hand on the Bible for oath.”
“Bible? I don’t believe in Bible, I am Muslim,” I replied, putting a small grim on my face.
“It’s OK, it doesn’t matter, you have to make an oath,” she replied. “Put your hand on the Bible.”
“OK then, if you don’t care, why would I?” I put my hand on the Book as instructed.

Then she said something like:
“Do you swear that all you will say before the Court is true and only true?”
“I swear.”
“OK, now wait for the Clerc of Court to see you,” she concluded the process while taking the Bible away.

Filing was a flash, everything lasted maybe ten minutes. Then, I realized that she not only made a supposedly Muslim swear on the Christian Bible, but she didn’t even ask to see any identification document! How did she know that I was indeed the same person as on the application form? How did she know that I was indeed the father of those children for whom I sought protection order? Did it mean that anybody could just stop by this Court and obtain restraining or emergency protection order for somebody else’s children on their parent? Somebody like a pedophile, for example? Not likely. It was more probable that my genitals determined the outcome of my petition the moment they entered the room!
That was why the women there didn’t even care about my name or religion.

Minutes later, a middle-aged female came to the room and asked me to follow her to her office. This frau was the Clerc of Court.
“I prepare applicants for hearing with the judge,” she said on the way.

However, when we arrived to her office and she sat behind her desk and looked at my petition, she said:
“I can not assist you.”
“You said that you would,” I replied.
“Sorry, I can’t.”

She clearly didn’t want to talk much and hoped that I wouldn’t ask questions.
“You assist everybody except me? Is that what you are saying?” I asked, surprised.
I was stunned.
After a moment of staring at her, I asked:
“Because of conflict of interest.”
“What conflict? What interest are you talking about? I’ve never been here before, this is my first time here.” I still didn’t understand what it was all about.
“Because I assisted your wife, she was here before.”
“Conflict of interest in a public court of law?” I exclaimed in disbelief as I had never heard about something like that before. “So what, that she was here? Your job is only to assist people with petitions here, in this public court, isn’t it?”
“Yes, but it’s conflict of interest.”

I still couldn’t figure out what that frau was talking about.
“Are you a lawyer?” I asked.
“Yes, I am.”
“So, you are a lawyer and telling me that there is such thing as conflict of interest in this public court of law, and that I can not be served here like other people because of that? Just because my wife was here once before?! Only whoever comes first is served here?”
Since she was slow to answer, I continued:
“Then maybe somebody else can assist me.”
“I am the only person doing it in this court,” she replied.

Wow! This was surreal.

Today I know that the woman was probably lying about her legal credentials because Clerks of Court are not required to be certified lawyers and she didn’t sound like one. Either she was instructed not to bother with men at all, or she indeed served as a legal counsel in this supposedly emergency, non-criminal, “just-in-case” court where petitioners were in fact treated as clients. All that would be wrong. But even if such was the case, then why did the court have only one Clerc of Court? The answer was obvious to me: Because there was only one type of genitals which that institution was set up for.


I did however, make my way to the courtroom in front of the sturmbannführer judge. Of course, the “honorable” sturmbannführer was an owner of the master genitals, and so was her frau secretary. However, contrary to Fiona’s hearing, this sturmbannführer did not take a lead of the proceedings by asking me all those many questions which Fiona was asked. I was only allowed to say what I had to say. And so, I talked about Fiona’s kidnapping of the children and her physical abuse of them. I talked about beatings, pouring blood, black eyes, runaways from home… I wasn’t finished yet, when the sturmbannführer judge interrupted:
“What you need is a lawyer.”
“Lawyer? For what?”
“Go and get a lawyer!” she exclaimed sharply.
“It would take long time to find a lawyer and sue,” I replied. “This is emergency!”
“Get a lawyer! DISMISSED!” she now yelled at me while already on her feet, headed to the door.

The case was brief and already over.
While my children were being physically and mentally abused as we spoke, the “Honorable” didn’t even advise me to contact the police! She knew that it was pointless. Instead, she told me to get in business with lawyers, because that would bring business to her industry and me back to her People’s Court for a final extermination.
Naturally, it didn’t even cross my mind to claim in this court my own former problems with Fiona. Those were real physical and emotional abuses on top of a huge, game-changing economic abuse. This court and the experience of the preceding two weeks with the police proved that I was right by not even trying to report Fiona’s physical abuse of me and of my children, as that would only turn against me even sooner.
This was how my children were sentenced to perpetual abuse by their mother under the protection of the Canadian law and law enforcement systems. They had nowhere to turn from their mother’s abuse, other than to the streets.

“Bunch of fucking cunts!” now I was talking to myself with anger while leaving the courthouse. I never swore before, even to myself, but that was an extraordinary occasion.

All this was already too much. I didn’t know what I would do next but I knew that I had to do everything to avoid landing in that building ever again. If I managed to survive, it would certainly not be in that fascist People’s Court behind me. What went on there, was a roundup of modern Jews – men and fathers in particular, a modern holocaust.
By now many fathers in my place would have done something violent, it was hard not to. But I knew that losing my temper was exactly what all those sturmbannführers and other sturmführers of progress were hoping and waiting for. They then would throw me in a death pit and nobody would hear about me again.

Now I knew what Fiona meant when she told my children:
“Your father will never succeed in life”!
She was more right than she thought.

to be continued…

Volksgericht 4/6: The Court of Queens – Where Everybody is a Queen and Where Drones Find Their Ends.

Canadian People's Courts

By Zbigniew Zarnoch 2017-05-17

This May 2017 is tenth anniversary of the “Domestic Violence Injunction” (DVI) scheme committed against my family by the Canadian Collective. The current six articles are devoted to that legal crime which still remains without justice served to the criminals. The DVI was equivalent to a lynch and its review was the only time that I ever appeared in front of the family judge! The “honourable” never saw me again. Therefore by NO means it is a story of bitter court battles.
For other articles on this story please refer to DRONE Story in the menu above.

This is one of the chapters you do not want to miss. What you are about to read should blow every sane mind away. It will open your eyes to the world you live in. You may find hard to believe all what follows, but I swear that all of it is true.


As instructed on the Emergency Protection Order, after a few days I went to the Court of Queen’s Bench of Alberta to obtain the transcript of he hearing. That place went also by the name of Provincial Court of Alberta and the big sign on at least one side of the building read “Law Courts”, but what I dealt with was called the Court of Queen’s Bench. The large archive room (or whatever its name was) had several counters, all staffed by only FEMALE employees – talking, joking, having fun. One of them was giving her co-worker a happy account of her friend’s Court Restraining Order or EPO (I still can’t tell the difference) on her boyfriend or husband.
I stood there for a while timid like a stray in the middle of Sabbath of witches. After spotting a “transcripts” sign on one of the counters, I walked to it and passed the female there my EPO. She examined it, and then started to wander idly around her large space behind the counter, moving from corner to corner, while at the same time talking to another female there. I wasn’t sure whether she was in fact looking for my transcript at all. After about half an hour she finally handed it me.
It was a place where one was made fill guilty no matter how innocent he was, a place of women in power.


I spent the rest of the day reading the transcript in my condo. After what had happened in the preceding two weeks, I was prepared to read horrible things in this document. But I was wrong again. It appeared that Fiona filed for the EPO all alone, she came to court without children, without any witness, any documents, any evidence of anything at all. And as I reached the last page of the document, I realized that she in fact didn’t even accuse me of any violence or abuse! All she came with to that emergency court hearing was a claim of my harassing her phone by phoning it! Not even my verbal abuse of her on the phone because she never even picked up my calls. My “crimes” were supposed to be harassing her phone itself and looking for my own children when they went missing! I might have been even concerned about Fiona’s own well-being after she disappeared, but I guess admitting it would have been a “crime” as well.
When asked about any police involvement, doctor’s statements and any witnesses of violence or abuse, Fiona denied the existence of any. However, in Her home and native land a female could not be allowed to leave the court of social justice unsatisfied. Therefore in absence of immediate threat, the experienced “Honorable” took the lead over the emergency hearing and ask Fiona a series of questions relating to the whole fifteen years of our marriage. While answering questions, Fiona mention her unspecified “problems” with me back in the 1990’s and her two visits to women’s shelter then. That however, was not only ages earlier but also this very EPO transcript was were I learned about it for the first time! Until that day I had no idea that in 1999 Fiona visited a women’s shelter. Unemployed Fiona made those visits then to look for attention, of which she didn’t get enough from her busy with supporting a family of four husband… When asked if anybody knew about those past, long gone (after all, we even had lived apart already for nearly three years) domestic “problems”, she said: “My doctor knew about it”. The problem was, that the doctor “knew” those “problems” only from Fiona’s own mouth, they were close friends and socialized together. There is no family without problems to talk about with friends. And again, all that was history and not even necessarily true anyway.
Of course, no questions were asked relating to Fiona’s own behaviour, her abuse of me and her abuse of the children, her emotional or mental state. The Court did not have any prior knowledge or information on Fiona, me, our children, nor our mutual relations.

At the end, the “Honorable” said:
“OK, I will grant you a protection order. Do you want one also for your children?”
“If possible,” was the answer.

Fiona did not need to say anything more. An hour or two later two policemen were in my home with court Emergency Protection Order on me for all of my children and their mother.

I couldn’t care less for the mother, but what did the children have to do with it? Most of the “emergency” hearing related to long past history of my relations with Fiona and almost nothing to my relations with the children. When asked about my treatment of the kids, Fiona only said something like:
“He told them once that he would leave and they might not see him again.”
That’s all she said in regards to children. Indeed, I said something similar to them right after Fiona surprised me for the second time with a lawyer (Mr Gariepy) again, I did not know how far they would go against me then. What I did know though, was that normal life was already impossible for me anywhere near that maniac as she would secretly employ all the city’s damn lawyers just to bother me forever. Maybe she even hoped to chase me out of the city this way and that was why what I said to my kids that day stayed in her memory. But what was good for Fiona, was bad for me. As bad as things were, leaving Edmonton would have only made them worse for me. Therefore what I meant was not necessarily me leaving the kids, but the rising possibility of the kids’ leaving me, as that was what Fiona conspired and used the system for.
Concerned children then shared the sad news with their mother in order to get her confirmation of it. Who knows, the kids’ concern might have been even a factor in Fiona’s not going to the divorce court at that point yet.
And so, now I was banned by the court of law from seeing my children for “abusing” them by telling them that the court might do so! The “honourable” judge Kosham (only surname was given) was so concerned about my children’s feelings being hurt by the prospect of my separation with them that she ordered my forced separation with them!
Does that make sense to you? If it does, then you should stop reading this book and go to see a head doctor.


That’s how it was presented. However, in truth the judge obviously didn’t give a dime about the children’s feelings. It was only the feelings of the female mother and destroying our family that the judge cared about. It (because obviously not a human) knew very well that those supposedly temporary EPOs made permanent changes in family relations. The stability-seeking children would from then on have no choice but to stay with the mother and take everything that comes from her, including all the abuse. While the father was disposable, could be removed and dumped any time. Now the children were only at their mother’s mercy.
But the “honourable” judge knew much more than that. It (scum rather than a human) knew very well that the EPO was coming at the same time with divorce…, and it knew what that meant!

This was how my wife and my children became reported victims of domestic violence and this was how I became reported spousal and child abuser!
This was how statistics were made in Canada.

to be continued…