The D-Day of the New Millennium

I still have one book to finish, but the Drones have already been launched and the long battle is already underway. That’s right, we are now moving on all fronts! This time there will be no retreat, and no prisoners taken either.
Bullshit is over and now “either you’re with us or with the terrorists!”

You are eitherwith us or with the terrorists

The Other Side of the Story of the Great Replacement

How Canada Ended All My Christmases

Another Year, Another Christmas-less Christmas…

So, how was your Christmas this past December? I hope you enjoyed it.
I grew up with all the Christian holidays and celebrations, Christmas trees, Santas, Easter eggs, Thanksgivings… I had 46 of each, year after year. I decorated 46 Christmas trees and met Santa 46 times, first with my parents and then with my kids.
That was until in 2007 the Canadian Collective ended all of that for me. For four years I then watched other people celebrate while I couldn’t, and now I live with Buddhists and Muslims… Muslim “calls to prayer” are my new Christmas carols…

Me by a Chrismas tree near the beach in Thailand. 2016.

Had anybody told me before that I would one Christmas Day listen to Muslim call to prayer by a mosque instead of carols by a Christmas tree, I would have laughed at that person. Yet, it is exactly what happens daily and as I write this.
I had never thought before that I could end up this way. A progressive Collective ended all my Christmases in 2007. Since then I have never had a Christmas tree or a Christmas dinner again… Neither have I had Easter holiday, Thanksgiving turkey, Family Day or any other holiday celebration. No birthday or Father’s Day either. Nor will I have any of those next year…
Somebody else is running my children’s birthdays now and I have never been invited.
My crime was my penis.

The Other Side of the Story of the Great Replacement

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Best Country in the World

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Brone: Best Country in the World

Brone: Best Country in the World

Meet The Author

White Ribbon STOP FIBBIN’!

How to ensure that “violence against women” will only get “worse”: Pay half a million $ to 11 people for full-time talk about it. Easy.

Jim Byset's Route

BYJim Byset

The mission to end violence against women received another boost last week with the news that White Ribbon Canada is to receive $300,000 in funding from the Canadian government. The money, donated by the Minister of Labour and Minister of Status of Women, Dr. Kellie Leitch, is to be used to fund the development of an online toolkit that will help men end violence against women. Todd Minerson of White Ribbon Canada and Minister Leitch made the announcement in front of assembled press in Ottawa.

The news comes as something of a fillip for the White Ribbon Campaign (WRC) amid increased scrutiny regarding its financial affairs, the accuracy of its claims surrounding domestic violence and rape, and the methods used to draw attention to its mission. Both White Ribbon Australia and White Ribbon Canada have recently had their financial records investigated, with the…

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Joy Smith Continues her attack on men

Jim Byset's Route

BY Jim Byset

JOY SMITH has been in the news a lot lately.  She just recently held meetings at her offices in Ottawa with religious crazies and radical feminists in a bid to futher demonize male sexuality by censoring internet porn.  Now, the Conservative MP for Kildonan-St. Paul has continued her attack on men by positing the idea that male buyers of sex from prostitutes should be criminalized, but not the sellers.

Joy Smith wants to tell men and women when and how to have sex

It is hardly surprising that Smith should think this – given that she is incapable of formulating any worthwhile, original ideas herself.  While meeting with her group of radical fringe collaborators earlier this month she presented her idea of making internet users register with Internet Service Providers (ISPs) to access freely available, legal, adult material.  The thing is, the idea is not hers.


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There was this horrifying article about oppression of women in Afghanistan published by Waziri Kakar‘s  in Safe World for Women. The following is Canadian version of that article.  

“Afghanistan” replaced with “Canada”. “Women, wife, she, her” replaced with “men, husband, he, his”. Brown – added.  […] – omitted irrelevant sentence(s)



To Be Divorced — and Disgraced — in Canada

In Canadian society, marriages are not supposed to last for life. The divorce rate is high, and when a marriage fails, it is always the man’s fault. Statements such as He should have compromised” or “He should have listened to his wife” are common, and it is never the other way around. While a divorced woman can easily find another husband and move on, a divorced man’s chances of finding another wife are paper-slim. Divorce is seen as a success, and a divorcée is often seen as a good influence because she succeeded to dissolve her marriage — even if she ended it because of no abuse.

9740633Canadian male burqa

It is not just the odds of remarriage that favor the women: Custody of the children is usually given to the mother. In the rare cases that custody is given to the father, he lives in constant fear that his children will be taken away from him any time. […] One Canadian man, Nafesus, stayed with his drug-addict wife despite the fact that he was forced to work outside the home to support his family, and she would beat him if he didn’t give her his earnings for drugs. Asked why he didn’t get divorced, he said there was little reason to, as it seemed like he lived with a corpse for most of the time. Moreover, he said, “What if my wife takes my children away from me? I can’t live without my children.”

[…] Divorced men in Canada confront numerous other challenges beyond finding a life partner — financial difficulties, insecurity, and social stigma. It is unsafe for Canadian men to live, without […] relatives. Because majority of men in Canada are less educated and discriminated in the workforce, and because at divorce they lose their homes and children, and are always faced with high child support and alimony payments regardless if they work or not, divorce becomes out of question. Their only option besides staying with their wives is to go back to their parents’ house, whether they are welcomed there or not. […] It’s another reason Canadian men stay with their wives, no matter how bad the conditions there.

[…] That’s why men are encouraged by his family members to quietly and dutifully accept their fate. Men who compromise when they are in abusive relationships are often praised by other male relatives. Because they don’t speak up or demand their rights, they are viewed as loyal and strong men.

Also, divorced women are thought to bring good luck, and are looked favourably upon by people in their community. […] Divorced women are also encouraged to stay close to married women because it is believed that she might be a good influence, even if the success of the marriage wasn’t her fault. The belief that she could guide married women into divorcing their own husbands is strong. […]. To many Canadian women, the stigma of marriage seems worse than living happily in a happy relationship.

Since Canadian men do not get the emotional support they need after a divorce, they lose their self-esteem and seclude themselves from the community that reminds them every day how unlucky and unfortunate they are. Often divorced men go through severe depression, with little psychological or medical support.

In short, no matter how much a man is abused by his wife, if he asks for divorce or if she divorces him, he is the guilty party. While a divorced woman can soon remarry and move on with her life, a divorced man in Canada has to confront mountainous challenges.



ladies only coach

Train in Kuala Lumpur.

At least half (but it looked like more) of the coaches are for ladies only. While women can ride in the whole train (and they do), men can not enter the “coaches for ladies only”. Even though clearly more men commute to work there than women. 

As a result, the women’s coaches are never crowded, usually all women are seated. While the common coaches are packed with passengers. It is especially disturbing to see during commuting hours when the common coaches are packed to the roof, while ladies in their own coaches ride in comfort. I took that train whole bunch of times.

Btw, it is also interesting to note that the chicks who ride with men tend to be the cuter ones :), while the female penguins are more likely to seek isolation. Hmm…

Platform at KL main train station (KL Sentral). Just about the whole length of the area where the train stops is ‘for ladies only’ ! Common (for both men and women) are only three rows of benches across the platform right at the end/beginning of it. All the rest is for women only (all the pink area). So, ladies get at least 3/4 of the platform, lots of breathing space, and obviously get on train first.

Now, that’s an equality.

And Malaysia is predominantly Muslim country, where women are supposed to be oppressed.

The argument is, which some young indoctrinated leftists buy, that women need this extra protection because there are some bad men out there who harass them. But those hooligans harass men too, even more often ! So, why don’t I get a special train and protection ? Why this collective punishment, anyway ? Women should at least pay higher fares for those special coaches, then we would see how many of them actually feel threatened enough to board those coaches.

A security guy is on duty in those ladies-only coaches who kicks out immediately any stranded man. It makes you wonder: Why doesn’t he just watch out for any hooligans instead of all men ?