My Children Were Abused in Every Way: Physically, Mentally, Morally and by Neglect

personality disorder

By Zbigniew Zarnoch 2017-06-18

This May 2017 was tenth anniversary of the Domestic Violence Injunction (DVI) scheme committed against my family by the Canadian Collective. The event itself was recently described here in six parts. This article is one of several supplementary ones to follow. For other articles on this story please refer to DRONE Story in the menu above.


That early winter 2006/2007 Fiona lost her job with Gene Dub, and by the time winter was over she lost two more jobs! After that she remained unemployed for a very long time. She also lost her boyfriend who moved out of his house, leaving Fiona with the kids in it. They continued to live there for another about a year or so.
I saw Fiona or spoke to her on the phone that winter and spring almost daily, but only in regards to the children’s time arrangements. I had no idea what she was doing with her days and sometimes nights, I only knew that she spent very little time with the kids and little of it was peaceful.

This was again time of horror for those who lived with Fiona and who were dependent on her, which were mainly the girls. I was at least out of Fiona’s physical reach, but with me no longer being around to serve as a punch bag, Fiona then unloaded all her rage on the kids. The least affected was Michal who spent most of his time with me and was a happy bee then. But even Michal didn’t avoid Fiona’s spanking when he was with her. The girls however, were going through mayhem worse than before. Fiona often assaulted them physically and they fought with her just about on daily basis.
Veronika was abused by Fiona the most, she sustained frequent bruises, bleeding nose, black eye, and more. Somehow though, neither her school nor anybody else cared. I knew that had it been me from whom anybody got any bruises, I would have been immediately sent to a forced labour camp in Siberia to never return from there… But Fiona’s atrocities remained not only immune but protected by social justice.
What certainly made the mother-daughter conflict even worse was the fact that fourteen-year-old Veronika had just entered difficult age in which she cared more for friends and friendships than for parents, especially that in her case the parents acted foolishly and were useless to her anyway. She had nobody to turn to for help.


Despite being unemployed, Fiona no longer was able to deliver children to school on time, they were always late and she increasingly often didn’t take them to school at all, causing the kids to miss classes and forcing them to make up their own excuses at school for their absences. Obviously, their homework suffered as well, increasingly poorly done or not done at all. Being constantly late and skipping classes negatively affected the girls’ performance and resulted in detentions after school. Both daughters were on extra edge with Fiona because of all that, they fought with her right from early morning when they already knew that they would be late to school or miss the class.
Veronika, being the most ambitious of the children and top student in her already junior high class, was particularly irritated by her mother’s negligence. But despite feeling powerless about her missed classes, heavy fights with the mother, cuts and bruises, and even as she already began to run away from home for a day or two, Veronika still didn’t skip classes on her own. Not that I knew of, anyway.
I watched all that Fiona’s negligence of our children’s school and their education with great disbelief, honestly suspecting that she tried to dumb those kids down on purpose! Why would she do that? There were many mysteries about Fiona. Maybe because she herself was poorly educated and didn’t recognize the meaning of education. Or maybe because she thought that artists didn’t need to be educated too much, and certainly artists was what she preferred those children to become. Or maybe after learning all the female privileges in Canada she thought that everything which a female needed in that country in order to succeed was just to be there… Or maybe, as likely as anything else, Fiona wanted those kids to be stupid just because I wanted them to be smart…
I don’t know what exactly laid on Fiona’s mind, anything was possible. What I do know though, is that it did not need to be the way it was. All she needed to do was to share those children with me more!

Needless to say, Fiona’s mistreatment of the kids was taking tall on me. It sometimes seemed as if she abused them just to hurt me. But whatever Fiona was after, she just wouldn’t give up, her ambition and her ego just wouldn’t let her. Major reason for her refusal to share legal custody was certainly the fact that the children were her only cards to play with me and with the rest of the world. Without them her game would be over and her female privilege mostly gone, she had nothing else to show for.


That spring 2007 it occurred to me that Fiona’s conflict with Veronika resulted from more than just Veronika’s age problems and Fiona’s desperate drive to keep custody of the children. It became obvious that Fiona hated her daughter Veronika. And the reason was not Veronika’s age problems, but her age itself! Fiona knew that fourteen-year-old Veronika now could choose the parent to live with… And she was willing to chose the father!


Fiona was always jealous about my relations with our children, but that winter and spring she had even more reasons for being so. As I was having good and peaceful time with the kids, Fiona was now not only more jealous but increasingly scared of losing influence over them. She became even more nervous and depressed. Nothing ever seemed to work for her. She first lost her job and boyfriend, now Michal was de facto in my care and the girls were packing up to move and live with me! I was even collecting Child Tax Benefit for Michal.
Realizing that she was losing her own game, Fiona panicked. With nothing better to do anyway, she was plotting again…


First sign of Fiona’s being up to something came with Michal’s second dental appointment. I had to inform her about it in advance to ensure that she didn’t plan anything for him for the time of the appointment. She promised to make him available. However, when time came to see the dentist, she disappeared with Michal and didn’t pick up my phone calls! When we missed the appointment, the dentist rescheduled Michal for another day two weeks later, warning us that if we wouldn’t show up again he would then not see Michal at all. Still not realizing Fiona’s plots, I told her about the new appointment and how important it was to keep it. But again, Fiona made sure that Michal did miss the new appointment as well! Only then finally the reason behind Fiona’s little game became obvious to me: She was avoiding evidence that Michal was under my care. School teachers and doctors were primary sources of such evidence in custody disputes. Likely then, she was back in the business of consulting legal hyenas again.

Even Michal noticed that Fiona’s keeping him from dental care couldn’t be coincidental.
“She does it on purpose,” he said.
“I think so too,” I replied.


Now, Fiona did even more to keep our kids away from me by making even more arrangements with other people to look after them. Normal families naturally have their own lives and could worry about others people’s children only to limited extend, but Fiona eventually befriended a special sort of family, one which was similar to ours. It was led by Mandy Bretzke – a divorced single mother of at least five children. Like Fiona, she also let her kids grow alone, except that at least in her own house rather than with other people. Like Fiona, Mandy was also mostly unemployed and not a stranger to social assistance. Almost every time when I went to their house to collect my children, all the kids were there alone and always at least seven of them. It was a disorderly home.

to be continued…

The GREAT REPLACEMENT – Where Males and Families Are Exterminated and Replaced with “Zes” and “Zirs”


By Zbigniew Zarnoch 2017-06-17


When you land in this planet of ze-zirs, you better know their genders and no-genders right from the airport. Or off to Gulag you go.

“On Thursday, the Ontario Senate passed Bill C-16, the Liberal government’s legislation that adds “gender identity or expression” to grounds of discrimination in the Canadian Human Rights Act.”

“The act applies to federal subjects (including airports, banks, the military and federally regulated industries), while equivalent provincial codes apply to remaining areas of personal and commercial activities (including most workplaces, schools, universities, hospitals and so on). Most provinces recently added the same or similar terms to their discrimination provisions.”

“Failure to use a person’s pronoun of choice — “ze,” “zir,” “they” or any one of a multitude of other potential non-words — will land you in hot water.”

Quoted National Post article.

Canada is a Lesbian-Feminist Hell


By Zbigniew Zarnoch 2017-06-02

Ontario is now ruled by Liberal Party led by a lesbian named Kathleen Wynne. You can see and feel the lesbian-feminist dominance of the party by their war on families, promoting homosexuality, and by the way they rule and change the province.

And now they passed this Bill 89!

From the linked article:

Bill 89 gives the state more power to seize children from families that oppose the LGBTQI and gender ideology agenda, and allows government agencies to effectively ban couples who disagree with that agenda from fostering or adopting children.

Bill 89 adds “gender identity” and “gender expression” as factors to be considered “in the best interests of the child.”

At the same time, it deletes the religious faith in which the parents are raising the child as a factor to be considered, and mandates child protection services consider only the child’s own “creed” or “religion” when assessing the best interests of the child.

“With the passage of Bill 89, we’ve entered an era of totalitarian power by the state, such as never witnessed before in Canada’s history,” says Jack Fonseca, senior political strategist for Campaign Life Coalition.

“Make no mistake, Bill 89 is a grave threat to Christians and all people of faith who have children, or who hope to grow their family through adoption.”

“The Kathleen Wynne Liberals have for years been pursuing their anti-parent and anti-family agenda and Bill 89 is the latest installment.”

“Even before Bill 89 was passed, but immediately after its introduction in December, I learned of several Christian couples who were turned down for adoption on account of their deeply held religious beliefs about traditional marriage and human sexuality,” he told LifeSiteNews.

This reveals the “stunning hypocrisy and anti-Christian bigotry” of the left, Fonseca said.

The Ontario court in 1995 ruled “for the first time in Canadian history that it was ‘discriminatory’ of the Child and Family Services Act to not allow homosexual couples to bring a joint application for adoption.”
But the “same activists who cried discrimination in 1995 [are] now actively legislating the same discrimination upon Bible-believing Christians, by banning them from having children through adoption,” Fonseca said.

“Will the left never feel ashamed of its hypocrisy?”

Quotes are from here:

What If Shrek Was a White Knight?

His name was Shrek, her name was Fiona. He was candid and sincere, she was a cheat.He was sincere, she was a conceived ogre who conspired to marry a prince. But disappointingly for her, it was Shrek, not prince Charming, who saved her from dragon’s keep… With no white knights around to cheat, Fiona has no choice but to settle for falling in love with just another ogre like her.
And so they both lived happily forever after.

But what if, instead of ogre, Fiona was saved from dragon’s keep and married by a white knight…? Then this would be not the end but just the beginning of a story scarier than all the dragons and ogres in it! Too scary for a children’s tale. Yet, it was children who lived it through! Because the story is Real and it is TRUE!

Justin Trudeau: Canada is World’s First Post-national State.

Trudeau on gay parade

Justin Trudeau: Canada is World’s First Post-national State. Meaning that if you land in that no-man “country”, you will never have a country or a place to call home again.
And he is right. If you think that living in a community of passers-by will ever make you feel at home or that such community will ever give a dime about you or anything else, you better think again. They come and go and you are always new to them. In such community everybody is a newcomer and a suspect forever.
In this society without identity even the government itself cares more about foreigners than about its own citizens.

THE GREAT REPLACEMENT in Canada: Justin Trudeau Praying with Muslims in a Mosque.

Justin Trudeau in mosque

There is another side to this story.

THE GREAT REPLACEMENT in Canada: Justin Trudeau praying with Muslims in a mosque.

Trudeau in mosque

There is another side to this story.

Premier of Ontario, Kathleen Wynne, waiting at the mosque door like a slave. That’s how your daughters will wait for their turns in harems.

Wynne at mosque

Oscar Wilde: Bigamy is Having One Wife Too Many, Monogamy is the Same.

Oscar Wilde quote

The Extermination Camp in Which Extermination is Escape, the Camp I Fled.., Leaving My Kids Behind.

suicide bridge
suicide bridge

By Zbigniew Zarnoch 2017-06-01

This is the place where I lived for twenty-two years. Eventually I managed to slip away from it alive, but unfortunately my kids were left behind and still live there… Scary stuff.
I mean, what kind of society needs to build such big, inward-bent wire fences to prevent its people from killing themselves?

I refer to it as a modern extermination camp because that’s what it really is. It is the most heinous extermination ground where people are not killed but instead are being made to kill themselves! With a slow and agonising death. Jumping off the bridge is only the final act of it, a damn liberation!
Plenty of people have jumped off this 50m-tall High Level Bridge in Edmonton, Alberta, too many to ever even know.
My best friend jumped off it in Nov 2010 and wasn’t found until half a year later all the way in another province…

Of course, admitting their atrocities is the last thing this society and its regime would do, so they blame the bridge for the murders! As if without it, people wouldn’t have reasons or ways to kill themselves…
Make no mistake though: The only thing those fences do, is show how “happy” and “satisfied” the citizens of this “BEST COUNTRY IN THE WORLD” are. That’s all.
They will not stop a single escape from extermination. Because in this modern progressive extermination camp, escape is extermination.