Canada: No Country for White Men

By Zbigniew Zarnoch

Planned and systematic extermination of the white people!
And you better believe it.

Not a Normal Society

By Zbigniew Zarnoch

Probably nothing better underlines the Canadian insanity, oppression, and ignorance of the society more than this case below.
In a mentally normal society, cruel murderers get death penalty while the mentally disabled are kept in mental institutions. It is done to protect the society, its sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers… from murderers and lunatics.
But the Canadian society is not normal. In Canada, murderers, rapists and lunatics are set free to roam the streets, kill and rape.., while for their crimes punished is the whole rest of the society!

In 2008, Mr Lee, a diagnosed schizophrenic killed an unknown to him passenger on the Grayhound bus between Edmonton and Calgary. Mr Lee stubbed him 30 times, then decapitated him and collected his nose and ears… Mr Lee was a lunatic indeed.

Just like the old progressive Nazi regime used to do, the new Canadian progressive regime also swiftly responded with a collective punishment. Almost immediately after the incident, bus travel restrictions were imposed, nothing sharp was allowed in pockets and in carry-on bags. X-ray gates were installed on bus stations the same as at the airports! Now every passenger was scanned separately from his luggage before every departure. Fares went up.
In other words, the whole society is treated by its regime as nothing but a big bunch of schizophrenic idiots who might cut and eat one another.
All the security measures on intercity buses and stations were still in place when I was leaving that godforsaken place in autumn 2011! It’s quite possible that they may be still there today…
Naturally, getting out of that lunatic asylum was the only way to preserve my sanity…
HOWEVER. While the whole society continues to be treated like a bunch of dangerous schizophrenics, within only one year from his gruesome murder, in 2009 Mr Lee was found not criminally responsible due to mental illness and now he has been already released back into society! Apparently he fits in it.
THINK about it for a moment.

Also THINK about the following.
While convicted true criminals and lunatics are released into the society, fathers and good men are being separated from their children and even go to jail based on mere allegation of abuse!
Every day fathers are being removed from their children’s lives based on mere accusation of abuse, often completely false, made by mothers in bad mood or as part of the fast track to divorce scheme known as Domestic Violence Injunction. Those kids are then dumped with little or no guardianship or guidance in the same streets where the actual convicted murderers, rapists and lunatics are released!

Canadian man who beheaded bus passanger

The Canadian Roach Motel

By Zbigniew Zarnoch.

Refugees to Canada.

I checked into this Roach Motel once too, long time ago, and it was my mistake of a lifetime! How I ended up, will be soon published in my third book entitled “ROACH“. For my excuse I can say that before I checked in this Motel, there was no social media and no information on the Internet to learn the truth from, and Canada was a much different country anyway. But today, some of the adult male roaches entering this Roach Motel are slowly beginning to smell a trap…

They still don’t think twice before checking in this Motel because the bait is irresistible: Free transcontinental flight, free living for a year or so, free health care and other stuff, preferential and subsidised employment, second citizenship just in case and in just two years…, and even a promise of a better life in a free society…

But the refugee status lasts only so long. After a year or two, they’ll become just regular roaches and then one day they will wake up to living in a Roach Motel. Hopefully they will not settle down too comfortably before that happens. Some will then manage to escape the trap, for others it will be too late.
In case you still don’t know what this Roach Motel is about, refer to my books and my other articles. Here I will only say that there are good reasons why, despite now over 300,000 immigrants entering Canada annually, Canada’s total population barely grows and at rate much lower than that of the countries those immigrants are leaving!

According to statistics, half of these male immigrants will eventually disappear from Canada. Most of the half will leave within two years. They just get your free flight, collect all the free money and stuff, go hike the Rockies for a while, and then grab their Canadian passport and leave.
Ever wondered why Justin Trudeau prefers women, lesbians and children as refugees? That is one of the reasons. Single men don’t last in this country. This is in fact not a “country” for any man. But don’t think that Muslim conservative women don’t divorce, in Canada they do just like anybody else and eventually, sooner or later, half of the married Muslim men will become single as well.

What happens to the roaches who manage to flee the Canadian roach trap? Displaced already at least twice, most of them will never have a home again… While some will return where they came from, many others will continue to move on and live out of the suitcase forever.
Extermination and displacement are what the Roach Motel globalist agenda of depopulation is about. Although the prime target of this agenda are the white people, it in fact knows no race, as its ultimate goal is the reduction of world’s population. And Canada is its main extermination ground, a Roach Motel.
Yes, we’re talking serious crimes against humanity here.

If you are worried that some of those roaches may turn out to be trouble-makers, your worries are justified. The ones who will not get out in time and will find themselves trapped, will get very angry and violent as Muslims can be.
Meanwhile, others are getting angry already.
The Canadian dream is gone, average single family home now costs half a million dollars, cost of living is high and rising, and the whole country is overrun by Marxism like never before.
A cultural clash is inevitable.
The Canadian society is in for troubles bigger than it has ever had.

The Canadian Great Replacement in Progress

Refugees entering Canadian Roach Motel

By Zbigniew Zarnoch.

I checked into this Roach Motel once too, long time ago, and it was my mistake of a lifetime! How I ended up, will be soon published in my third book entitled “ROACH“. For my excuse I can say that before I checked in this Motel, there was no social media and no information on the Internet to learn the truth from, and Canada was a much different country anyway. But today, the roaches (males) entering this Roach Motel are slowly beginning to smell a trap…

“I’m beginning to get really scared”, says one of them in the video below by Rebel Media:

Women-Punching Women’s Rights Activists

By Zbigniew Zarnoch.

Edmonton, Alberta! It was a true man-hating Hell during the 15 years of the Conservative Party in the office when I lived there. And I didn’t even meet a single person who would openly describe herself/himself as a feminist or see a single women’s march there. Yet, it was the worst man-hating place I have ever experienced anywhere.
But now they even have the most leftist NDP party in the government, marching women, and women-punching women’s rights activists!
Hell indeed is bottomless.


Nuclear Bomb Called Off

By Zbigniew Zarnoch

When I came across this announcement of The Red Pill documentary to be shown in the city of Edmonton, I couldn’t believe my eyes. I knew there had been problems with this documentary in Australia and some other place, but showing it to the world’s most man-hating community in the heart of the most anti-male society was yet the most daring and shocking proposition. I compared it then to an atomic bomb:
“On March 1st, an atomic bomb will be dropped on the city of Edmonton!”
Of course, the event is already cancelled…
How did I know that an atomic bomb could not be dropped on this city in the middle of Canada? That was really easy.
Now, imagine that I lived 20 years in that man-hating place!

Red Pill gocumentary poster

The D-Day of the New Millennium

By Zbigniew Zarnoch

I still have one book to finish, but the Drones have already been launched and the long battle is already underway. That’s right, we are now moving on all fronts! This time there will be no retreat, and no prisoners taken either.
Bullshit is over and now “either you’re with us or with the terrorists!”

You are eitherwith us or with the terrorists

The Other Side of the Story of the Great Replacement

By Zbigniew Zarnoch

How Canada Ended All My Christmases

Another Year, Another Christmas-less Christmas…

By Zbigniew Zarnoch

So, how was your Christmas this past December? I hope you enjoyed it.
I grew up with all the Christian holidays and celebrations, Christmas trees, Santas, Easter eggs, Thanksgivings… I had 46 of each, year after year. I decorated 46 Christmas trees and met Santa 46 times, first with my parents and then with my kids.
That was until in 2007 the Canadian Collective ended all of that for me. For four years I then watched other people celebrate while I couldn’t, and now I live with Buddhists and Muslims… Muslim “calls to prayer” are my new Christmas carols…

Me by a Chrismas tree near the beach in Thailand. 2016.

Had anybody told me before that I would one Christmas Day listen to Muslim call to prayer by a mosque instead of carols by a Christmas tree, I would have laughed at that person. Yet, it is exactly what happens daily and as I write this.
I had never thought before that I could end up this way. A progressive Collective ended all my Christmases in 2007. Since then I have never had a Christmas tree or a Christmas dinner again… Neither have I had Easter holiday, Thanksgiving turkey, Family Day or any other holiday celebration. No birthday or Father’s Day either. Nor will I have any of those next year…
Somebody else is running my children’s birthdays now and I have never been invited.
My crime was my penis.

The Other Side of the Story of the Great Replacement

By Zbigniew Zarnoch

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