Making Room For Newcomers in the Canadian Extermination Camp (The Other Side of the Story of the Great Replacement)

By Zbigniew Zarnoch 2017-11-15

Have you ever wondered why Canada’s population is still only 35 million despite the fact that for many decades its annual immigration has been nearly 1% of its total population?  It is because of the all-out war on people, systematic extermination. For many of those immigrants and their children, Canada is the end of the road. Not because they settle and grow roots there but because they perish. Others eventually return to where they came from.
In my book I call this place The Roach Motel.


In addition to free shelter, food and clothing, drug and alcohol addicts in Canada are provided a monthly financial assistance – free money to feed their addictions.


NOTE: While drug and alcohol addicts are rewarded with monthly financial assistance, a single or divorced and unaddicted father/male WILL NOT receive any assistance in Canada until he gets addicted !!!
Have you ever wondered why most addicts are male? Of course, the reasons are gender-biased social system and the family courts, in addition to high cost of living, etc. But for many male victims of that “social justice”, getting addicted to drugs and booze is the only way to obtain any financial assistance and any care from this society! It is the only way for them to survive, or at least often the easiest way.
It is no wonder then, that drug and alcohol addictions have flourished in this “country”.


But all the free money to feed and accommodate people’s addictions and forcing men into addictions were not enough to destroy them fast enough. Already a number of years ago, the city of Vancouver was the first in Canada to introduce free “safe drug consumption” facility. Predictably, it has been nothing but a further disaster, drug addiction has increased and communities have been destroyed.

In fact, the Vancouver “experiment” has been such a disaster that the province of Alberta is now building the same free drug injection and inhalation facilities in all of its three largest cities: Edmonton, Calgary and Lethbridge!
Edmonton alone will have not one but four of such sites!
Injected into people’s veins and given to swallow and to inhale will be all the kinds of narcotics they will only ask for: Cocaine, amphetamine, heroine, ecstasy…, you name it, and of course marijuana.
All of it will be served by registered nurses in a controlled environment and will cost millions of dollars annually.

Reminder:  In addition to all the free drugs, drug addicts and alcoholics also receive welfare, but if you are a straight and addiction-free male, you WILL NOT receive any of that assistance whatsoever until you get addicted!


… the quality of health care has been deteriorating, nursing services have been cut and more cuts are coming, people are dying in cues for medical procedures as waiting lists are long and getting longer…

And as everything around you turns into stressful shit, getting high at taxpayer’s cost becomes only even that much more appealing…


– Legalised and free of charge abortions on demand (while others die in cues for simple medical procedures)
ABORTION PILLS ($400 each, but courtesy of the taxpayer) are provided to all women to facilitate easy killing of their and their husbands’ babies…
– Legalised murder of children (now up to the age of 14!) by their mothers
– Legal euthanasia – killing own elders
War on families: No-fault divorces, destruction of families in family courts, war on fathers
War on men and boys in general
– Promoting homosexuality
– Releasing mass murderers and monster killers into the society
– No death penalty for 1st degree murderers (who then, having nothing to lose, have the rest of life to kill inmates and body guards, and sometimes even commit murder just to get to prison in the first place)
– you name it….

Referenced news media articles and the screenshots of their headlines:


killing own elders

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Beware, You Are In The Cross-Hair

Beware, the British monarchy is also out to kill you! Just the same bunch of power-hungry despots for whom “there are too many people in the world”!

prince william

The Story of One DRONE

A Male who flew high, over the Iron Curtain, nations’ capitals, ocean and seas… Fearless, gallant, unstoppable. He arrived to Great Workers’ Empire… They took his sperm, and then cut his wings. He plunged and hit the ground… For he was a DRONE. A true story which is sure to make you think. One of a kind, there is no other book of this type in the market. Excellent reviews right from the beginning.

Launch of DRONES Against the Forces of Evil

And so it’s began! A new D-Day – massive launch of DRONES against forces of evil. Coming to you now in REAL LIFE! Now…

you are either with us or with the terrorists!

No more silence, no more shaming, no more oppression.

Fathers Never Missed in the Canadian Madhouse

crime report

My children’s father has been missing too! For 10 yrs
But no Crime Report has ever reported it.

On The Path to Communism Worse Than the CCCP

By Zbigniew Zarnoch

Child Protective Services, family courts, whole social services system, feminism, “social justice” along with all the “human rights” and “equality” bullshit…, – all of that is set up for one purpose only: To separate you from your wealth, your family, and from everything else that you may have in life.
So you retire on a government bowl of soup and not even knowing your grandchildren. So, you don’t retire like this:

Families are becoming relicts of the past.

The Canadian Metamorphosis: From a Drone to a Rat


By Zbigniew Zarnoch 2017-10-27

This man in Vancouver (as reported in Vancouver Sun) has dug out so many burrows (7) in the ground to live in that now he can build the whole home in the ground with his eyes closed! That’s right, he built the last one in the bushes all at night without light!

Now you may ask yourself these questions:
1. How is it that such a skilled (a jack-of-all-trades: carpentry, electronics, plumbing…) and tough man is homeless and unemployed in the first place?
2. Where are all of his ten kids? Yes, he has ten (10) children, and he has lived ten years in the ground like a gopher!

It is what happens to all parents in Canada. If you didn’t save enough for retirement then you can start digging your hole!

Some queens out there took advantage of this drone to get impregnated ten times and then they disposed of him. He had to metamorphose into a rat in order to survive. Meanwhile his children are too busy paying all the taxes to the society to support all that lesbian bullshit there.

Therefore there are two other question which a divorced, especially alienated man should ask himself:
1. Why would you even pay child support? For what reason? So your children can then support the society with taxes while sending you to a burrow? Let the benefiting society pay it! It is the society which owes you gratitude for those kids and is criminally responsible for taking them away from you and enslaving them!
2. Considering the above, Why would you even have children in the first place?

More about the story in Vancouver Sun.

Meanwhile in Edmonton, Canada…


US National Security council: Study of “Overpopulation” as Threat to National Security, 1974

Photo: Secretary of State Henry Kissinger.

Remember Barack Obama’s claim that “climate change” was the #1 threat to US national security? Well, so was supposedly “global overpopulation” 40 years earlier.

From the Secretary of State, Henry Kissinger, April 24, 1974:

April 24, 1974
National Security Study Memorandum 200

TO: The Secretary of Defense
The Secretary of Agriculture
The Director of Central Intelligence
The Deputy Secretary of State
Administrator, Agency for International Development

SUBJECT: Implications of Worldwide Population Growth for U.S.
Security and Overseas Interests

The President has directed a study of the impact of world population
growth on U.S. security and overseas interests. The study should look
forward at least until the year 2000, and use several alternative
reasonable projections of population growth.

In terms of each projection, the study should assess:

– the corresponding pace of development, especially in poorer

– the demand for US exports, especially of food, and the trade
problems the US may face arising from competition for re-
sources; and

– the likelihood that population growth or imbalances will
produce disruptive foreign policies and international

The study should focus on the international political and economic
implications of population growth rather than its ecological, socio-
logical or other aspects.

The study would then offer possible courses of action for the United
States in dealing with population matters abroad, particularly in
developing countries, with special attention to these questions:

– What, if any, new initiatives by the United States are needed
to focus international attention on the population problem?

– Can technological innovations or development reduce
growth or ameliorate its effects?

– Could the United States improve its assistance in the population
field and if so, in what form and through which agencies —
bilateral, multilateral, private?

The study should take into account the President’s concern that
population policy is a human concern intimately related to the
dignity of the individual and the objective of the United States is to
work closely with others, rather than seek to impose our views on

The President has directed that the study be accomplished by the
NSC Under Secretaries Committee. The Chairman, Under Secretaries
Committee, is requested to forward the study together with the
Committee’s action recommendations no later than May 29,
1974 for consideration by the President.


cc: Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff

Continue reading the rest of the document here:
US NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL Study of Overpopulation Threat to national Security, 1974

The Eugenics Freaks: Humans Are Cancer, Slip Them Down the Drain

depopulation agenda

By Zbigniew Zarnoch 2017-04-25

Make no mistake: Those freaks are with us today and well! The round-up of men and boys, feminism, destruction of families, dowry laws in India, propagation of LGBT… are all part of the Agenda of Depopulation.


India, where population growth is colossal, agriculture hopelessly antiquated, and the government incompetent, will be one of those we must allow to slip down the drain.
–Paul Ehrlich, University of Texas Symposium, November 1967


A cancer is an uncontrolled multiplication of cells; the population explosion is an uncontrolled multiplication of people…. We must shift our efforts from the treatment to the cutting out of the cancer. The operation will demand many apparently brutal and heartless decisions. The pain may be intense.
–Paul Ehrlich, The Population Bomb, 1968

Quoted article:
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The Population Control Holocaust
Henry Kissinger’s 1974 Plan for Food Control Genocide
US NATIONAL SECURITY COUNCIL Study of Overpopulation Threat to national Security, 1974

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