ladies only coach

Train in Kuala Lumpur.

At least half (but it looked like more) of the coaches are for ladies only. While women can ride in the whole train (and they do), men can not enter the “coaches for ladies only”. Even though clearly more men commute to work there than women. 

As a result, the women’s coaches are never crowded, usually all women are seated. While the common coaches are packed with passengers. It is especially disturbing to see during commuting hours when the common coaches are packed to the roof, while ladies in their own coaches ride in comfort. I took that train whole bunch of times.

Btw, it is also interesting to note that the chicks who ride with men tend to be the cuter ones :), while the female penguins are more likely to seek isolation. Hmm…

Platform at KL main train station (KL Sentral). Just about the whole length of the area where the train stops is ‘for ladies only’ ! Common (for both men and women) are only three rows of benches across the platform right at the end/beginning of it. All the rest is for women only (all the pink area). So, ladies get at least 3/4 of the platform, lots of breathing space, and obviously get on train first.

Now, that’s an equality.

And Malaysia is predominantly Muslim country, where women are supposed to be oppressed.

The argument is, which some young indoctrinated leftists buy, that women need this extra protection because there are some bad men out there who harass them. But those hooligans harass men too, even more often ! So, why don’t I get a special train and protection ? Why this collective punishment, anyway ? Women should at least pay higher fares for those special coaches, then we would see how many of them actually feel threatened enough to board those coaches.

A security guy is on duty in those ladies-only coaches who kicks out immediately any stranded man. It makes you wonder: Why doesn’t he just watch out for any hooligans instead of all men ?

Bloomberg Starts His Gun-Control Campaigns With The Easiest Target: FATHERS.


New Bloomberg-backed gun safety group starts its campaigns with the easiest target: FATHERS.

Women, and mothers in particular, will be the focus of the organising and outreach.

You’ve got to work at it piece by piece,” Bloomberg said. “One mom and another mom. You’ve got to wear them down until they finally say, ‘Enough.”

If you don’t vote with us we’re going to go after your kids and your grandkids and your great-grandkids. And we’re never going to stop.” – Bloomberg.

The strategy will seek to expand the background check system for gun buyers both at the state and national levels.

Ever got EPO or Restraining Order issued against you by a woman ? Then no firearm for you.

Just in case you don’t know: No evidence is needed to issue EPOs or ROs against men, fathers in particular. All there is needed is a woman’s claim.

Did you upset your woman ? You lose your guns.

Your woman has a bad day ? You lose your guns.

Bloomberg is one of the top 0.01% super rich who want to continue to suck your blood dry without you being able to ever resist. That’s why they want your guns. Of course, they will never give up theirs.

Because I Am a Boy

ImageSeven months have already past since I started this blog and I thought it’s time to make my first, introductory post.

Boys no longer are given time to grow up before they become victims of the discrimination of men in Western societies. Campaigns like “Because I am a Girl” and recently “10X10” have been launched on global scale to discriminate and demonize boys and men.

The “Because I Am A Girl” campaign was brought to my attention first time during my visit to Bangkok just over a year ago, in October 2012. I was sitting in a coffee shop, sipping a cup of cappuccino and thinking about the name for my MRA YouTube channel that I was about to launch. Then I picked up a copy of Bangkok Post from the table next to mine and immediately saw this two-page long article written by the head of the local chapter of Plan International. It was a story of empowering girls and women in Asia which at one point referred to the “Because I Am A Girl” campaign. Later in my room I Googled both the chapter and the campaign. What I discovered was bigger than I had imagined.

But it was still only a tip of an iceberg. More research reviled a man-hating monster on global scale that only devoted globalists could come up with. Plan International, an organisation sponsored by United Nations, runs this campaign out of its offices in over fifty countries. Canada is a major contributor to this campaign. Studies, publications, books, rallies, ad and fund-raising campaigns, propaganda videos and movies…, legions of people employed to demonize boys and men, and to empower girls and women globally. Then clones of Plan International and of its campaign were even created: 10X10 and its “Girl Rising” movie.

The campaigns were so big and so broad that at some point I had to stop following them, it was too much for one person to comprehend.

Tens, if not hundreds of Facebook accounts and YouTube channels are devoted to the “Because I Am A Girl” campaign alone. At the same time though, searching online for “Because I Am A Boy” produced no results, zero. I decided to change that and to put a little bit of weight of my own to the opposite side of the scale. Now “Because I Am A Boy” is there too. It’s on YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, +Google, WordPress. and I’m also working on my own website under the already reserved domain BecauseIAmABoy.ME

By no means however, the topics covered in my channels will be limited to those related to the mentioned above campaigns. Various MRM issues, feminism and related political issues will be covered.

Fighting the man-hating “progressives” will remain the purpose of the rest of my damn life. The fight is personal to me and it is only starting. I intend to take it to the end, their or mine.

Stay tuned,

Because I Am A Boy


If We Are Going To Get Fucked, It Might As Well Be By A Woman

The Hunt (for young wolves). Song by Jacek Kaczmarski.

Feminists In EU Parliament Want Law Forcing Women To Work On Fishing Boats

Another episode of EU muppet show. Women with their butts on warm seats in EU Parliament want law forcing other women to work on fishing boats !

Plan International Anti-Boy Propaganda

Plan International Anti-Boy Propaganda

Canada eliminates Father’s Day! My, how progressive.

Originally posted on judgybitch:

Okay, it’s just one school in Canada, but mark my words, this is a harbinger of things to come. Unless we push back now.

Here’s the quick and dirty summary:  the daughter of a lesbian couple had her precious feelings hurt on Father’s Day, because she doesn’t have a father so she complained and the school responded by eliminating both Father’s Day and Mother’s Day and replaced them with Family Day.

There is so much wrong with this, it’s hard to know where to begin.

Let’s start with the idea that the child of a same sex couple doesn’t have a father or mother.  Brooklin (what a stupid name – you could at least spell it correctly) has two mommies, and no daddy.  Kindergarten biology, folks.  ALL CHILDREN HAVE TWO PARENTS.  Brooklin has a father, alright.  He has just been eliminated from Brooklin’s life.  I understand completely that Brooklin’s…

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Women-only trains in Delhi.

Women-only trains in Kuala Lumpur


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